Delid Service

  • Come in with your CPU in person and get it delidded safely. Delidding takes approximately an hour.
    We take MobilePay, Cash and of course payment over the website.
  • If your CPU is completely new, check to see if it works before handing/sending it in.
  • When sending your CPU, be sure to add Track & Trace as lost packages will not be replaced. Packages must be properly wrapped.
  •  Your CPU will be properly and securely wrapped and sent back to you with Track & Trace.
  • The Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) is removed from the CPU with methods that are complete risk-free and complete damage-free (delid tools). Modules and connectors on the CPU board are coated with liquid electrical tape, if necessary.
  • The Integrated Heat Spreader is sealed in place with high temperature silicone glue and is sealed with the correct pressure. Silicone glue is not permanent i.e. the CPU can be delidded again if desired.
  • Intel's standard thermal paste is replaced with Quality Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut which is the absolute best thermal paste for delidding.
  • The Delidding Service is compatible with all Intel CPU's that use thermal paste between the Silicon Chip and Integrated Heat Spreader which includes a number of popular CPU's that are included in the following code names and product names:
    Intel Ivy-Bridge, Haswell, Devil's Canyon, Broadwell, Skylake, Kaby Lake og Coffee Lake CPU'er.
    3570K, 3770K, 4670K, 4770K, G3258, 4690K, 4790K, 5675C, 5775C, 6600K, 6700K, 7350K, 7600K, 7700K, 8700K.
    +i9 Skylake and i9 Kaby lake
  • The Delidding Service is not compatible with CPU's that are soldered between the Silicon Chip and the Integrated Heat Spreader. This includes Sandy Bride, Sandy Bridge-E, Ivy Bridge-E, Haswell-E, and Broadwell-E. If you are in doubt, feel free to send an e-mail, textmessage or call.
  • Temperature improvements vary depending on the model of CPU. Temperatures on a CPU that are overclocked can provide a variation of temperature improvements between 5 ° C til 25 ° C. Temperature improvements can vary depending on the cooler used.

Ivy Bridge: 10 ° C til 25 ° C
Haswell: 10 ° C til 25 ° C
Devils Canyon:   7 ° C til 15 ° C
Broadwell:   8 ° C til 18 ° C
Skylake:   8 ° C til 18 ° C
Kaby Lake: 12 ° C til 25 ° C
Coffee Lake 12 ° C til 25 ° C

  • Remember! The Delidding Service violates the warranty on the CPU.